A dog takes the bus to surprise his mistress at her workplace (video)

Our dog friends will always surprise us with their intelligence. Denver, a quadruped from the Republic of Ecuador, is one of those 4-legged geniuses. Passengers on a bus in the city of Guayaquil have now grown accustomed to seeing this bushy passenger share their daily journey, much to the delight of his mistress, Shigla.

Head to the Pearl of the Pacific to discover the history of denvera dog like no other, reported by The Dodo. Shigla adopted him a year ago, and she soon realized she had just gotten her hands on a true adventurer.

An exceptional daily life

Accustomed to frolicking in his neighborhood of the city of Guayaquil, denver decided one fine morning to join a neighbor who was getting on a bus. This one will go down in front of the store of Shiglain order to return the doggie to its owner.

Whether denver hadn’t planned to do what he did that day, yet he had taken all the necessary notes. He then boarded this bus a second time a few days later, all alone, to join his mother.

Denver, star of its neighborhood, but not only

Since then, it’s been a real routine that has set in for denver. Bus drivers recognize this, and no longer hesitate to stop in front of the Shigla when they see that the doggie is on board.

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denver the dog on the bus made headlines across the country and amazed everyone with her resourcefulness. How not to fall for this doggie, who travels all this way to find the one who is so dear to him…


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