A dog plays billiards and causes a stir on social networks

Animals never cease to amaze thousands of Internet users on YouTube and other social networks. This dog impressed with his bowling skills. The dog noticed that his master was going to start playing pool, so he decided to join him in show your talent with the balls.

Indeed, the dog used his front paw to show his skills as a pool player. The owner of the animal then recorded the curious fact.

A dog plays billiards and causes a stir on social networks

The dog named Halo rose to fame on various social networks such as YouTube, reaching thousands of shares and emotional posts. Indeed, the dog who played billiards surprised thousands of Internet users for his incredible skills.

It’s amazing how this dog looks at the billiards, thinks and then decides which ball to push. In addition, almost all his shots are winners. It’s incredible! Everyone wonders how this is possible and how his master could teach such a complex thing to a dog.

People really underestimate the ability of animals. This dog has shown his great intelligence and his master is very proud of him.

The owner of the video said:

“In this video, a dog named Halo surprises people with his billiards skills. Using one of his paws as a pool cue, this pup shows amazing precision in driving balls into holes on the game table with just a touch, and even caroming them. You can not find ?. »

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