a dog mortally attacked, another suffocated, what happened to Les Mées?

On August 22, the defender of rights in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence explained that three dogs were killed by another male Rottweiler. A version now denied.

What really happened on August 22 in the town of Les Mées? According to our information, a Yorkshire dog was attacked by another American Bully type dog and did not survive the attack.

Three days later, the defender of rights in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Gérard de Meester confirmed that he had taken up this case, on the set of BFM DICI. He had explained that “two people of a certain age were walking their two Yorkshires” and the latter “were devoured by two Rottweilers or assimilated breed”. Then one of them, “the male, thirsty for blood, slaughtered his female”. So “three dogs died” in total.

He said that “this is the third time this has happened” and that he will “act and make a request to the mayor of Les Mées”. But a few days after the fact, the version seems delayed.

“Both dogs were in good standing”

According to several concordant sources who had access to the file, a single dog was fatally attacked by the two American Bullies, while being walked by an elderly lady. They were then recovered and put aside, “without difficulty or aggression, to be taken to the pound”, explains a source who follows this file closely. When their owner wanted to retrieve them afterwards, the female was no longer breathing.

“But there is no evidence that the two attached American Bullies fought. The female could have suffered a cardiac arrest due to stress, or died of suffocation because she wanted to break free”, details this same source.

According to our information, the municipal police of Les Mées ensured the proper compliance of the American Bully. “These dogs were in good standing,” continues the same source. The owner of the Bullys and that of the Yorkshire must meet again to find an amicable solution. The incineration costs could thus be borne by the owner of the American Bully.

“We must not let anything be said”

For his part, the mayor of Les Mées Gérard Paul regrets the hasty remarks of the defender of the rights of the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence Gérard Meester.

“We have to clarify things and not let anything be said,” says the mayor.

And contrary to what Gérard Meester had said, “this is the first time that this has happened in the town, although stray dogs are a real problem. The American Bullies were in order and we never had a problem with them. these dogs”, continues Gérard Paul.

He says “only one dog was bitten, it was the little York who did not survive. The female American Bully died of suffocation, veterinary certificate in support”. Indeed, the rope that held her around her neck “was too tight”. The people who tied the two dogs are not known on the agenda, concludes the mayor of Les Mées.

Valentin Doyen and Scheherazade Ben Essaid

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