A dog finds himself locked outside on the balcony, the concerned neighbors alert the emergency services

In the Hérault, firefighters rescued a dog that had become stuck on the balcony. Concerned residents had sounded the alarm and were relieved to witness the rescue of the animal.

oxmo is safe and sound after the little misadventure he experienced at his master’s house and thanks to the intervention of the firefighters of the SDIS 34 (Herault Departmental Fire and Rescue Service). A story told by Free lunch.

On Friday, August 26, the canine in question, a Whippet, was stuck in the balcony of its owner, on the first floor of a residence located in Sete, while the shutters were closed. The neighbors realized the situation and immediately called for help.

Firefighters arrived at the scene. One of them joined the dog on the balcony, then harnessed it before lowering it slowly with a rope. His colleagues, who were waiting at the foot of the building, recovered the quadruped and brought it to safety.

Illustration of the article: A dog finds himself locked outside on the balcony, the concerned neighbors alert the emergency services
Free lunch

All under the applause of the people who attended this rescue which lasted about thirty minutes. The intervention was also filmed, and the video shared by Free lunch (below).

Oxmo would have trapped himself scratching the shutter

The dog escaped unscathed. This is likely not negligence or abuse. In fact, his owner had asked a friend to take care of him in his absence, as he had often done since the youngest age of this little greyhound.

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The person responsible for taking care ofoxmo ensures, in fact, that he had everything necessary in the apartment: 2 bowls of water, croquettes, 2 baskets… The canine was walked 3 times a day, according to his statements. The morning before he left, at noon, then when he returned at 5 p.m., in this case.

The animal would have created an opening in the shutter by scratching it, before sneaking through this narrow passage and finding itself unable to enter by the same route.


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