A dog finds her mistress after 12 years

A British woman experienced a miracle when she found her dog missing for almost 12 years.

Liz Eldridge, 51, bought little Missie to give to her son as a birthday present. However, in February 2011, the young border terrier vanished.

The mother-of-one spent 8 years traveling the country, hoping to get her pet back. Eldridge eventually gave up his search a few years ago, resigning himself to the fact that little Missie had been stolen.

Fate, however, happened last week when she detected her dog’s microchip. The woman said the Good Samaritan who found her turned her over to animal control.

“I am happy to find her, but sad to see the state in which she is,” confessed Liz Eldridge.

Missie was reportedly used for breeding puppies. “She’s nervous and shy,” she explains. I believe she was tied to a chain and beaten.”

Little Missie, however, has started to get better since she is back with her owners.

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