A dog does not understand her pet-sitter because of her accent different from that of her master (video)

Doggies are able to recognize many words. Voice intonation also plays a very important role in understanding between canines and humans. Here, the dog named Chanel demonstrates how the accent used has consequences. An adorable video that touched Internet users in the heart.

Stephanie Jiménezoriginated from Philippines. Recently, she visited her cousin in Australia for a few months.

The young woman took a liking to the dog of the latter who responds to the sweet name of Chanel. Stephanie was then responsible for providing the daily walk for the little apricot-colored Maltipoo.

That’s when the budding pet sitter realized her new furry friend didn’t understand her because of her different accent.

“My intonation is closer to that of Americans than Australians”she explained to Mirror.

On the video, we can indeed hear Stephanie ask Chanel to come to continue on their way. At this moment, Chanel don’t budge, she just didn’t take the order.

Then when the young woman tries to speak in the same way as the masters of the dog, it runs immediately.


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? original sound – Stef – Stef

“A lovely dog”

The sequence posted on the TikTok platform deeply pleased the community. It has amassed nearly 870,000 likes and been viewed over 4 million times.

You can read in the comments: “She made my day! She really is an Aussie female dog”.

Fortunately, Stephanie and Chanel found a way to communicate. A beautiful complicity was thus created between them.

The very well educated young dog now understands Stephanie who spends more and more time with her.

With the right tone of voice and a little practice, Chanel finally got used to the way her mistress’s cousin talks.

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? original sound – Stef – Stef


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