A dog befriends a baby giraffe and stays by his side until the end

Jazz, a baby giraffe was abandoned by his mother when he was just 2 days old, but he found a friend in Hunter, a Belgian Malinois shepherd who takes care of needy animals in a orphanage. Unfortunately, Hunter had to say goodbye to his best friend recently.

Jazz was found by a farmer a few days after his birth, dehydrated and alone. He sought help from the rhino orphanage in Limpopo, South Africa, where Jazz met Hunter and was well cared for until his death.

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Abandoned Baby Giraffe Dies Alongside His Friend

The animal couple have become very close, and people on social media have fallen in love with them and their beautiful friendship. One December 6, Hunter seemed to realize that something was wrong with Jazz.

Indeed, the baby giraffe suddenly started to wobble, and Hunter stayed by his side until he died. Caregivers at the orphanage explained that Jazz collapsed due to a brain hemorrhage.

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Staff wrote on Facebook:

“The last two days before we lost him, Jazz started to look unsteady on his legs and was very dull, almost like he wasn’t recording everything. He suddenly collapsed and we could see blood starting to flow into his eyes.

“Jazz’s heart rate slowed and he showed neurological signs. His friend Hunter knew something was wrong, because he suddenly stood next to the giraffe again, never leaving her. Jazz breathed her last with Hunter and her caregivers by her side.”

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After Jazz died, Hunter sat in front of his empty room for hours.

The post continues:

“So we finally know that Jazz didn’t have a giraffe mother, but we never gave up on her, or even Hunter, and she just knew. We will have tried everything for her, until the end. »

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For its partHunter is recovering from this loss and has continued to help the other animals at the orphanage.

“Hunter is fine. He stayed until the end and said goodbye. We’ll keep everyone updated on his progress as he can now resume training to become a tracking dog. He eats well and plays with his brother again. What a good boy. »

Hunter now sees to the quick recovery of Kolisi, an injured baby rhino who was taken in by the orphanage.

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