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In Cork, Ireland, a customer and his wife booked a table at the starred restaurant Bastion. But their plan changed to rush their child to the hospital…

The restaurant’s response

The cancellation policy is stipulated on the website of the Bastion, and the couple concerned was charged €250 the same evening to the bank account used to reserve the table. The spouses then left a negative opinion about the establishment on the internet, and helen mcdonaldwho runs the restaurant with her husband, immediately addressed the disgruntled customers.

“We charged you because you warned us about the cancellation of a table for two people thirty minutes before the service”, she wrote. In words translated by 7sur7.bethe restaurant manager adds: “your table sat empty all evening, and all the food we had prepared for you and your wife had to be thrown away”.

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“Total lack of empathy”

The couple are not bothered by the cancellation bill itself, but rather by the restaurant, which has made no move considering the situation. “My most sincere thanks to Bastion for his lack of understanding. What a complete lack of empathy for the traumatic situation we found ourselves in.”he replied.

helen mcdonald then defended herself by ensuring that she understood that the family had an emergency, but “whatever happens, we apply the same rules to all our customers”.

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