A couple finds their cat 2 years after she disappeared

Following the sudden disappearance of their feline, then a move, this young Breton couple no longer expected to find their cat one day. Their story is a true message of hope.

Jehan and Morgan live in Brittany in the company of Yippeea black and white cat, with whom they share a beautiful complicity, as told News Rennes.

When Jehan comes home from work, he usually finds his cat in their house of Chantepie. The feline spends most of its days outside, but its master can always count on its presence as soon as it returns.

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News Rennes

Unfortunately, one night Yippee won’t come back. This cat however well trained “, as explained Jehanwill not return home when his name is called…

A growing despair

Jehan and Morgan did everything to find Yippee : put her litter outside, go door to door, put up posters in shops… But all their efforts were in vain. The feline seemed to have vanished into the wild. ” We started to think that someone had taken him away, or that something bad had happened. ” entrusts Jehan.

Filled with questions, Jehan and Morgan had to leave their home for professional reasons. They now lived an hour’s drive from Chantepieand the chances of finding Yippee were getting smaller…

Then one day, the miracle!

9 months later Jehan and Morgan received a call that would change their lives… The veterinary clinic of Chantepie contacted Morgan to tell him that their cat had been found. Jehanstill marked by the disappearance of Yippeecouldn’t get over it: Morgane called me, she asked me if I was seated. I told him yes. Then she said to me: we found Youpi. I cried with joy. All the pressure is off. »

This cat, apparently an expert at the game of hide and seek, had in fact never left his neighborhood of Chantepie ! He was brought to the clinic by a woman living near the former workplace of Jehan. Perhaps he had felt his master’s presence there…

A happy reunion

The next day, the couple made the hour’s drive that separated them from Chantepie to retrieve their little protege. Their suspicions of concern will quickly be erased by the exultation of finding their Yippeewhich will immediately recognize its master.

The feline was therefore able to return to the home of Jehan and Morgan. He didn’t seem to have suffered any pain in 2 years. The cat had even gained a little weight “. He can therefore now create new memories with his masters, and even better ones this time, because he has become a big brother! Jehan and Morgan also adopted Chewie, a little kitten. A beautiful message of hope for those who despair of one day finding their missing animal.

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