A cougar attacks and devours a chihuahua


United StatesA cougar attacks and devours a chihuahua

In Hollywood, a dog walker had two animals on a leash when the beast came up behind him and grabbed the smaller one, giving him no chance.

An image of P-22 taken by a camera trap.

National Park Service

A few days ago, a dog walker was doing his job in the Hollywood Hills, holding two small animals on a leash in a residential area in the early evening. “I suddenly felt the leash pull and I heard Piper scream,” the man said.

Turning around, he sees that the chihuahua is in the mouth of a puma: “It was a fight of two or three seconds. The dog didn’t growl, I didn’t even hear it. He didn’t have a chance.” The scene was captured by a surveillance camera and the images broadcast by KTLA. We see the puma descending from a hill and arriving on the road. He walks quietly but suddenly freezes in attack position. He has just seen the man in front of him with the two dogs, his back to him. He then rushes on the chihuahua in front and grabs it before fleeing.

Her owners had Piper since 2014.

Her owners had Piper since 2014.


The walker must have called Piper’s owner and told him that his dog had been kidnapped by a mountain lion, which was hard to believe. But the owner must have realized that it was true. Apparently the puma, who was wearing a radio collar, is P-22, an 11-year-old male known to live around Griffith Park, near Hollywood Hills.

Despite the loss of his chihuahua, his master doesn’t hold a grudge against the puma: “I don’t want anything bad to happen to P-22,” he said, but he thinks the beast’s incursion in this residential area is a problem that needs to be solved. “I just want people to be safe there so nothing like this happens again.”

The second dog, who was walking with the chihuahua, had nothing.

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