A costly operation to save Kingston, “influencer” dog of the Saguenay

Kingston, a two-year-old border collie from Saguenay, known on social media for his many talents, has a rare disease, intrahepatic portosystemic shunt, and is due for surgery in the coming weeks, but the costs of the operation are staggering.

With his beautiful eyes and his charm, Kingston has become an influencer dog on social networks.

“We have reached 5,000 subscribers, it continues to rise. We make collaborations, we are sent gifts. We are sponsored by Nutrience. I think her beauty and charm helps a lot,” admitted owner Joannie Pearson, laughing.

“Kingston Instagram is a project of me and my boyfriend. At the very beginning, our primary goal was to take professional photos of Kingston. We added photos with tricks and content with me that was very much loved. This allowed us to make ourselves known, apart from our “stories” and training videos. We still have this perspective for his Instagram, to show his talents and our complicity as a photo duo.

With his mistress, he amazes the gallery with his acrobatics. He is now part of a canine show troupe, “La Flying Team”. “We do shows with the dogs and it goes through all the skills. Kingston is frisbee! He likes it, he has the will to learn”, affirmed Joannie.

A real happiness on four legs, but recently, Joannie started to worry about some abnormal symptoms for her age. “He is very thin, you could see his bones a lot. Also in relation to urine, he has difficulty retaining himself. I consulted on the fact that he was peeing a lot, I was expecting a urinary tract infection, I was not expecting that at all,” she said.

The diagnosis fell, Kingston is suffering from the porto-systemic intrahepatic shunt, an abnormal blood vessel which prevents the blood from being well filtered by the liver before going to the heart and the brain.

“What it does is it causes intoxication because the blood is not filtered. It affects neurologically. This vein, if it is not blocked, if the dog is not able to cure it with the treatments, it is either a coma or euthanasia since we cannot leave the dog in this state there,” admitted Joannie Pearson.

No question for his best friend to let him down. Kingston will have surgery, but the operating costs are staggering. “In all, about $20,000. There, the operation is from 10 to 15,000 dollars,” she explained.

His operation is scheduled for the Saint-Hyacinthe University Veterinary Hospital Center on December 6. The success rate of this operation is 85%. A fundraiser is underway to help homeowners.

“Kingston’s disease is rare, we must be followed at the veterinary hospital in Saint-Hyacinthe and that’s where he will be operated. The operation is very expensive and this is one of the reasons why few dogs with this disease are operated on.”

“I had my dog ​​at a more difficult time in my life, I can say that he saved my life, I can’t do anything but save him in return”, explained with emotions the one who has shared Kingston’s life for nearly two years.

In the meantime, he and she continue to train and have fun as if nothing had happened.

“I don’t have any restrictions, but I prefer to be careful so I slapped the big Frisbee jumps to protect him,” she continued. “Imagining me losing him is like asking you to imagine losing someone dear. It hurts me so much. I will do everything to keep him with me as long as possible, imagining losing him is too painful.

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