a colt attacked to blood by two dogs, the owner files a complaint

If the horse is better, the owner still intends to file a complaint against the master of the two dogs who has not made himself known, according to “Le Parisien”. An investigation is underway.

The colt has been through a torment. Early, just one year old, was violently attacked by two dogs on Monday in the Oise while he was on the farm of Romain, a breeder of competition horses, reports The Parisian.

The dogs, a pit bull and an American Staffordshire, infiltrated the farm and attacked several foals before one of them got stuck in an adjoining private garden. One of the dogs then harassed the young horse for half an hour while the other barked.

“He ate him alive,” said the owner, who did not attend the scene but was able to consult the images recorded by his surveillance camera at the start of the afternoon.

Wounds to the bone

Result: several deep wounds going to the bone (a tooth was even found in the shoulder of Early) and an animal which, if it is better today, sees its vital prognosis always engaged, in particular at causes risks of infection of its deep wounds where whole pieces of flesh are missing according to the breeder.

The latter had to pay more than €5,000 for treatment, for an animal specialized in obstacle races that he could sell for up to €100,000 and whose breeding costs him between €400 and €800 per month. .

The breeder filed a complaint against X and is now trying to identify the owner, who did not come forward. “The accident, I could have accepted it. But hiding out like this, nope,” shares Romain at the Parisian. It is not known if the investigators were able to identify him, the prosecution explains that the “investigations are in progress”.

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