A cat, missing for 2 years, is found eating kibble in a supermarket

Aurélie thought she would never see her 9-month-old cat Django again, who had escaped from her home after being scared by a dog. But 2 years later, an unexpected phone call will upset her daily life.

Employees of a store in Côtes-d’Armor made an unusual find in the reserve of their supermarket, in May 2022. Noting that the packets of croquettes and aperitif biscuits were emptied visibly, they did not were quick to get their hands on a culprit: a greedy cat, named Django.

The feline in question had escaped, 2 years earlier, from his home in Le Foeil, in Brittany, following a traumatic altercation with a dog. The moment was so sudden and painful that his mistress, Aurelie Etiemblethought never to see him again, she confided to Ouest France.

And yet, last May, she found her beloved feline, who was about ten kilometers from her home! Using a cage trap, the employees of the Saint-Brandan store managed to capture the little gourmand, and entrusted him to a veterinary practice. Its owner will be identified by wearing an electronic chip.

“There was a big blank on the phone, I didn’t understand”

Aurelie was surprised and amused to know that her dear Django had been found devouring kibble. The cat was healthy, he was just “ very dirty, and her flea collar had become too tight » . The veterinarian therefore had to cut it, said his mistress.

Django the gourmet has since returned to his original home, where he lives happy days, and probably no longer needs to steal bags of kibble to eat his fill…

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