a cat makes a hole in a piece of furniture and uses it as a hiding place

Cats are stealing the hearts of thousands of internet users on social media with their antics and antics on various digital platforms. The video of a cat on TikTok generated 4 million views.

In the video of the feline, you can see that the mischievous animal has made a giant hole in the couch of its masters. This hole would be his favorite place to sleep and hide. According to the images posted by @mafer2626 on TikTok, the ginger kitten crawled into the hole, sparking laughter from thousands of people on social media, as he did everything to get in.

A cat makes a hole in a piece of furniture and uses it as a hiding place

With its paws up and using its front paws, the domestic feline managed to sneak in for a nap. Meanwhile, the other cats in the family remained shocked.

Users were impressed with the mischievous cat. Hundreds of internet users were moved by the reaction of the cat and its four-legged siblings.

Users have written about social networks: “I expected no less from a ginger cat”, “My couch is the same and my ginger cat came in and we can’t find it”, “hahaha the little paws and the other cats watching”, “hahahaha AMO”, “hahahaha AMO”.

Finally, the owner of the kittens revealed that his seven cats fit into the couch hole, but usually only three of them make it.

  • Why is my cat scratching the furniture?

Scratching is a good form of exercise for them. They can stretch their body and extend and retract their nails. When they scratch, the movements remove the outer sheaths of the nails. Cats also scratch to leave marks. visual and olfactory marks (smell).

Their interdigital glands, which are located between the pads of their paws, leave scents behind to let other cats know that the “marker” cat has been in the area. When cats scratch at objects, they also leave small scratches, which are visual signals to other cats that a cat is in the area.

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