A cat is reunited with its family nine years after its disappearance

We imagine that a few tears flowed during their reunion. Nine years after her disappearance, a cat found her family a few days ago in Narbonne (Aude).

Cassiopée escaped in 2013, during a move. Its owners have done “extensive research, and [ont] also put up posters to be able to find her, but in vain, and as the years went by, hope went away, ”recounts, on its Facebook page, the Arpan Refuge, which took charge of the animal, aged from 15 years old today.

“A moved owner”

It was the Felins Possibles association that contacted the refuge on November 9 to take care of the cat, found “on the public highway and identified by electronic chip, indicates the Arpan Refuge. Thanks to her microchip, we had the contact details of her owner and we were able to reach her quickly. A moved owner, very happy and who did not expect to be told such news. »

This resident of northern France jumped on a train to pick up the animal “The emotion was palpable, and the reunion was very moving. Cassiopée, 15 and a half years old, although weakened, never stopped asking her mistress for caresses. This story should serve as an example, continues the association. Because “without his electronic chip [obligatoire pour les chats]Cassiopeia would never have been able to find her family”.

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