A cat finds its owner after being missing for 10 years!

When days, months, and then years pass after a pet goes missing, owners eventually lose all hope of ever seeing it again. However, sometimes a miracle happens.

In 2012, the cat Chubbs did not return home after his daily jaunt down his street. After moving heaven and earth to find him, his owner, Donna Gallacher assumed it had been stolen. And then the months passed, and donna saw no trace of her beloved cat. She ended up doing the unthinkable: she would never see Chubbs.

In 2022, Donna received an unexpected call

10 years after the death of Chubbs, donna got a call from a vet. He told him that they had found Chubbs. However, he did not expect it to come as such a surprise to donna, who had lost it years earlier. “It was surreal when I got that call. I didn’t think I would ever see him again“, said donnain words reported by Dorset Echo.

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Chubbs had been found in the street, more than 400km from Weymouth (England), where lives donna. Information that confirmed her in the idea that the feline had first been stolen, then perhaps then neglected.

The person who discovered Chubbs had taken him to the vet because the feline was limping. It was then that the doctor detected that the animal was chipped, and that he was able to trace it to its owner.

Chubbs was very happy to find his old home

Whether donna and his daughters were delighted to find their cat, it was the same for him. The feline seems not to have forgotten his home, and he quickly returned to his old habits. “Since he’s back, Chubbs follows me everywhere like a little puppy“, said donna. “He hasn’t changed, he’s a real character. He is already gaining weight and looks more like himself. He was really happy to lie on my bed to relax.

Illustration of the article: A cat finds its owner after having disappeared for 10 years!

© Dorset Echo

Chubbs is now 15 years old and will be able to spend his last years safe from the dangers of the street, and surrounded by love. For donnait is a real miracle, which she says is overwhelmed.

I knew in my heart he was still alive, I just knew he was out there somewhere“, she confided.

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