A boy and his lost dog reunited thanks to a policeman and his wife

In Niort, a gendarme discovered a dog alone in the street who clearly seemed lost. He and his wife took her in, then began to search for her owners on social media, learning that they were indeed trying to find her after she ran away.

A dog that escaped from her owners’ house was found the next day thanks to the dedication of a policeman, reported West France.

On Wednesday November 2 at the end of the afternoon, Lieutenant-Colonel Olivier Valois had just left the gendarmerie barracks of Niort (79) in the company of his wife, when he saw a female Beagle who seemed disoriented, further down the street.

Illustration of the article: A boy and his lost dog reunited thanks to a policeman and his wife
Two-Sèvres Gendarmerie / Facebook

With the help of a passerby, the soldier was able to catch up with the dog and collect her. He and his wife then sifted through wanted notices on social media, hoping to find one that might relate to the Beagle. The couple ended up falling on the corresponding publication.

Lieutenant Colonel Valois was thus able to reach the owner, but the latter was not in Deux-Sèvres at the time; he was traveling to Bordeaux. However, he called his son and asked him to pick up the dog, who answers to the name of Romyat the police station.

The reunion between Camille and Romi

Camille, 12, went there the next morning for a touching reunion with his 4-legged friend. It was well worth a souvenir photo alongside the gendarme thanks to which they were able to take place.

A snapshot shared by the Gendarmerie of Deux-Sèvres on its page Facebook the same day, Thursday 4 November.

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Kudos to Lieutenant Colonel Valois and his wife for their efforts that made this happy outcome possible.


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