A bereaved cat finds happiness again thanks to the firefighter who intervened at his deceased owner’s home

A kitten had found himself at the shelter after the death of his master and 4 long days spent without resources. One of the firefighters from the brigade who had intervened at his home decided to offer him a new start.

A bereaved kitten has found a loving new family in one of the firefighters who rescued him, local media reported Evesham Journal.

A few weeks before this adoption, the fire and rescue center ofEveshamin the county of Worcestershire (west of England), had sent a team to an apartment where the lifeless body of a man had just been discovered.

The paramedics were already there, but it was already too late for the tenant. His death would have taken place 4 days earlier, according to the findings made on his remains.

At his home, responders heard cries of distress coming from another room. They entered and discovered a kitten left to its own devices, without food or water. His mother wasn’t around either.

The young, black-coated feline was starving, thin, and dehydrated, but showed no lesions or signs of illness. He was taken in by the local shelter, that of the Cats Protection Leaguewith the permission of the family of the deceased.

A perfect home for Red

The animal protection association team called him Red, in tribute to the firefighters who rescued him. The volunteers took care of the kitten while waiting to find him a home. It is now done.

One of the firefighters Kyle Annis, had already expressed its intention to adopt it in the wake of the rescue. As soon as he knew that Red was ready, he officially made him the newest member of his family.

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Illustration of the article: A bereaved cat finds happiness again thanks to the firefighter who intervened at his deceased owner's home
Evesham Journal

It is sad that the resident could not be saved, but we are happy that the kitten is alive and well, even if he was rather weaksays the soldier of the fire. My family is thrilled to have a new pet “.


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