“a beautiful lesson on the love of your neighbour” (video)

Sora is a very sociable dog. When his master saw him go to meet a homeless man who had set up his tent in the street, he was initially reluctant, but eventually learned from this budding friendship too. Today, the individual has found a situation thanks to this proof of unconditional love which gave him the courage to get out of it.

sora is an adorable doggie. He makes his master happy Colzoutibut also that of his community.

Indeed, the duo who live in Paris once met on his way a homeless man named Bruno.

The latter had set up his makeshift camp in the street.

“Sora stopped short in front of the young man sitting in his tent. Their eyes met and Sora jumped forward to go see him. By reflex, full of preconceived ideas, I immediately stopped my dog. I had decided to leave, but Sora refused to budge. He was watching Bruno”explained the master to The Dodo before adding that he then attached his doggie on a leash, but that this one had looked at him with evocative eyes.

sora finally took the time to get to know Bruno under the puzzled gaze of its owner. And a lovely friendship was born.


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A daily encounter

Calzouti finally let himself be moved by the natural altruism of his faithful 4-legged friend.

“At that moment, I realized 2 things: that my dog ​​and a stranger had everything to teach me about love of neighbor and that I will do whatever it takes to thank this stranger who taught me this precious lessonsaid the owner.

Since then, every day, sora waited impatiently for the moment of the walk to go and greet his new friend Bruno.

During this daily ritual, Calzouti brought food and warm clothes to the young man. He also helped him get back on his feet.


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Thus, in a few months Bruno definitely left the hard homeless life. He found a job and a home.

Calzouti, sora and Bruno nevertheless kept in touch and meet every week for a moment of relaxation and play.

“This story greatly helped him get off the streets. Their relationship is touching, moving and very sincere.”concluded Calzouti.


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