A beautiful farewell was written by a person who lost his cat, you will certainly recognize yourself

This text was written by an anonymous person who lost his cat and who was in deep sorrow. Indeed, she decided to express on paper all her love in words. This has allowed many other people to identify with this person after losing their pet.

Beautiful farewell written by an anonymous person to express the love of a cat

People around you often tell you not to cry, because according to them it is just a cat and it does not have the same value as a person, that you cannot compare the suffering you feel when a loved one leaves this world.

They also often affirm that the pain will passthat it is only temporary, that the animals are not able to understand what is happening, that they will not suffer and that in the end, after their disappearance, you will be able to have another one, as if your pet was replaceable.

Moreover, these same people tell you that at some point, it will pass and that you should not worry, because, according to them, there are much stronger pains. But they don’t understand how wrong they are, they don’t understand true love. These people have never looked a cat in the eye and known the truth. They don’t know how many times you and your cat have been alone watching the dark together in a special moment, they don’t know how many times your cat was the only one by your side.

They will never understand that your cat was the only one who never judged you for anything, they don’t understand that they are life companions, that they are with you every night next to you. They don’t understand that a cat is part of your life, that he is a part of you, a friend to hug when no one else wants to be by your side. They are always there for you, they love you unconditionally, and quite often no one understands that.

No one understands how hard it is to watch your cat grow old and what you did pretend not to notice. No one understands that sometimes the only person listening to you is your beloved cat, who seems like the only one who can see the beauty in you and know when you’re hurting.

No one can understand how happy your pet is capable of making you. Nobody was there when things were bad, but your cat was, and he trusted you every moment of his life, even the last.

They don’t know, and don’t understand, how much your cat loved you and how few things were enough to make him happy. because you were enough for him. They don’t know what it’s like to cry for an animal, the most noble beings in the world, the purest and most beautiful beings. No doubt these people do not know how difficult it was to caress his face in the last moments of his life, they do not know what it is to love a cat.

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