A bear invites himself on a terrace and steals a pizza from two customers

“The Risks of Ordering Pizza in Eastern Kentucky. “A somewhat special “client” invited himself to the terrace of a restaurant in Kentucky, in the United States. Certainly attracted by the smell, a bear came to steal the pizza from two men, reports Newsweek.

In a video posted on August 19 on TikTok by a user named Jim’s Ky outdoors, we see two men seated, enjoying their meal. While the bear tries to grab the box, one of the men tries to save his pizza… before giving up. “When the bears love your pizza more than you do, you let them have it!!!!! “joked the tiktokeur.

Tasting on site

A second video posted by the same person shows the bear enjoying his evening meal, still on the restaurant terrace. Without paying attention to the customers, who immortalize the scene.

@kycatmanoutdoors Don’t pet the fluffy dogs!!!!! #rosannehut #cumberlandky ♬ original sound – daquan

According to our colleagues, it is not uncommon to come across black bears in Kentucky. They would number 1,000 in this state. They are sometimes seen in residential areas, looking for food.

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