8:15 p.m. Express – United States: in Pennsylvania, the Republicans choose a candidate “at war against the forces of Evil” – Daily

As the midterm elections approach in the United States, the country seems more divided than ever. The stakes are crucial because either the Americans give a majority to Joe Biden, which will allow him to continue his policy, or they sanction him by voting for the Republican candidates. If the Republicans win the election, it will prevent Joe Biden from continuing his program, but above all it could benefit Donald Trump as part of a possible candidacy in 2024. Sophie Dupont went to Greeley, Pennsylvania for a rather special festival: the Freedom Festival. There are weapons, shooting ranges and American flags galore. During this festival, we were able to attend arms auctions and a fashion show with tips and advice on hiding your firearms for mothers and children at school. On some stands, flyers are proudly displayed to encourage people to vote for Doug Mastriano, the Republican candidate for governor of Pennsylvania. He has the support of Donald Trump and claims to be in spiritual warfare against the forces of Evil. According to him, abortion is a national disaster and he still refuses to recognize the victory of Joe Biden. The Médoucine site, which is a copy of Doctolib, brings together thousands of practitioners specializing in alternative medicine. There are specialties relatively unknown to the general public such as iridology, energy lifting, eft, transgenerational analysis or even the trampoline. But the site is in the sights of the authorities. After the report from the Order of Physicians, the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation for the illegal practice of medicine in July for the illegal practice of medicine. Paul Gasnier and Valentine Watrin then investigated and found practitioners who did not always respect the law. For example, to practice acupuncture, a Chinese medicine that consists of putting needles into the skin, you must have previously obtained a specific university degree. However, this is not always the case for the practitioners who were contacted. They then expose themselves to a conviction by a court. For this report, Valentine Watrin worked with Mathieu Repiquet of the NoFakeMed collective, who sent her a video where we see a lawyer helping practitioners to circumvent the law.


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