6 dietitian Instagram accounts to follow

Overview of Instagram accounts to subscribe to for balanced, simple and gourmet recipes. Getty Images

The start of the new school year marks the return of the headache of developing the menu of the week. Here are the Instagram accounts to follow for balanced, simple and delicious recipes.

They are a nutrition coach, dietician, nutritionist or all three at the same time. On social networks, these “healthy eating” specialists share their knowledge with their subscribers. In the program ? Advice, tips and balanced recipes, easy to make, and always tasty. Roundup of the best Instagram accounts to follow.

To reduce sugar without depriving yourself


On her Instagram account, Mégane Heudiard, dietitian specializing in digestive disorders, posts recipes for pasta, quiches but above all cakes, cookies and even chocolate mousse. Not really healthy? It is quite the opposite, assures the Norman who encourages her subscribers not to demonize sugar. To lighten desserts, the expert distils her precious tips, such as adding more protein (cottage cheese or yogurt) than sugar in her preparations. To test !

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To moderate sweet cravings, Albane, nutrition coach, comes to our aid with her guaranteed low glycemic index recipes. On the menu, there are, for example, tomato pies, Breton pancakes with mushrooms, a crumble or muffins made with xylitol or coconut sugar. We promise, the gluttony is there.

To eat with your eyes


Eating healthy, without taking the lead: this is what dietician Claire Trommenschlager advocates on her Instagram account. Forget diets, the specialist hopes to make us reconnect with the feeling of hunger and satiety, and encourages us to favor gustatory pleasure over restriction, with recipes that are as attractive as they are delicious. Witness his chocolate and zucchini cake, his raspberry-pistachio porridge, or his crispy chicken avocado burger version healthy. We scroll while having water in the mouth.


Dietician nutritionist specializing in micronutrition, Camille Guyon reveals her healthy and colorful alternatives to the chicken and raw vegetables sandwich for the lunch break. On the program of festivities: savory sandwiches made with pesto sauce, satisfying lunch boxes or even original seasonings made with sesame paste to spice up your mixed salad. All with few ingredients and record preparation time.

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To put vegetables on the plate


Not easy to cook veggie as a family? Dietician nutritionist and young mother Tiffany Skye invites us to take up the challenge on her Instagram account. On the plate, his recipes mix 80% vegetable and 20% seafood. Young and old alike can enjoy the zucchini and mackerel risotto, for example. Enjoy your lunch !

To decipher the labels


“Fruit nectar VS fruit juice, what’s the difference?” Here is an example of “battle of the day”, a recurring Instagram post by Nathalie Majcher, aka “Docteur Bonne bouffe”. Between sharing recipes, this nutritionist dietician sifts through the packaging of industrial products, deciphers and popularizes the ingredients, allergenic substances and nutritional data found on supermarket shelves. The goal? Strive for better food education.


Eat healthy while having fun, from breakfast to snacks, aperitifs and dinner. Here is the promise made by Élodie Colombel, dietitian nutritionist, naturopath and sports coach. Alongside her light and easy-to-prepare recipes, she informs her subscribers about certain consumer products and what their content hides and helps to better consume them. We discover in particular the “advantages” and “disadvantages” of smoothies, rice cakes, protein yogurts or even chocolate spread.

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