500,000 spectators next year for the USA Grand Prix?

Back on the calendar since 2012, the United States Grand Prix welcomed 440,000 people in its last edition. A confirmation of the dazzling success of the discipline in the land of Uncle Sam. New stands had been built and a bus system put in place to accommodate more spectators than in 2021.

Bobby Epstein, promoter of the United States Grand Prix, is setting the bar even higher for the 2023 edition and aims to welcome 500,000 spectators to the COTA route.

He told Autosport there was a demand to reach 500,000 but wanted the experience of fans at the circuit to be as good as possible.

Many concerts were held when Formula 1 came to COTA, Ed Sheeran was one of the many artists present on stage.

If the increase in the number of places is important, Bobby Epstein wishes above all a good progress of the event.

“I don’t think it should necessarily be about reaching 500,000, but growing carefully to make sure we can still handle the crowds.” Epstein said. (Autosport)

Jost Capito’s announcement regarding the possible entry of Logan Sargeant in Formula 1 in 2023 alongside Alexander Albon would contribute to the development of the event. The arrival of an American driver in Formula 1 next season would be great news for the discipline’s appeal on the other side of the Atlantic.

“It’s much more valuable now than it was. If you asked me that even three or four years ago, I would say it would be nice to have him, but now it will be great, great for him”he told Autosport.

The next objective is clear, to place an American driver in a top team and to make America win on the biggest circuits around the world.

“The biggest step in launching is being able to put an American on the front row, because there’s only a short time for people to pay attention to an American with the choices we have. You want to see winners.”

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