5 gubernatorial elections to watch during the “midterms”

We know them, but less than the representatives or the senators. The governors have a central position on the local political spectrum of course, and often national. More than two-thirds of the governors will be renewed during the mid-term elections which will be held on Tuesday, November 8 – 36 to be precise.

Many presidents of the United States have previously been governors: it is often a springboard for a national position, see for the White House. The governors have a great influence at the local level, and this year their election will sometimes determine the right to abortion or the electoral process… And therefore, neither more nor less American democracy.

The governor is a head of state, the head of one of the American states.

In all states, the governor is elected by direct universal suffrage. Its mandate is four years, except those of New Hampshire and Vermont which are only two years. Focus on 5 interesting states for the upcoming midterm elections.

Georgia: a first black woman governor?

In Georgia, we are witnessing a duel between the Democrat Stacey Abrams and the Republican Brian Kemp, a candidate in the 2018 election. Stacey Abrams is an interesting politician. She has strong convictions, a voice that counts within the party and at the same time cultivates a certain independence. If she wins this election she would become the first black woman governor. His name, circulates to gain importance at the national level… And why not a race for the White House.

Arizona: will the election be contested?

This election is a social issue, in particular because the Republican Party has a large number of candidates, nearly 300, who embrace the theory of the stolen elections of 2020 out of conviction or opportunism.

Among these candidates, Kari Lake in Arizona. She is a former journalist, and she has retained a very strong communication skills. She is well known in the state as she has long presented the evening news on a local channel.

In front of her, another woman Katie Hobbs, who is the current Secretary of State of Arizona (in charge of the smooth running of the elections). And she refused to debate with her conservative opponent… Which is a questionable strategy.

Florida: a “more presentable” Donald Trump

The Governor of Florida,
Ron de Santis, is not in danger for the elections of Tuesday, November 8, but it is interesting for its national stature. He is often compared to Donald Trump. The comparison is actually fair enough for ideas, but the form is different. To quote an article from World “He’s a more presentable Trump.”

New York: an unexpected worry

New York state is an unexpected worry for Democrats. Katy Hochul is in danger. The current Democratic governor replaced Andrew Cuomo who had to resign after accusations of sexual assault. So she was lieutenant governor, and now she’s running for a full term.

Some in his camp criticize him for focusing on the right to abortion (which for the moment in any case is not in danger in the State of New York). Meanwhile his opponent Lee Zeldin the attack on the economy and crime which are more immediate, more daily concerns of New Yorkers – even if the analysis of the figures show that there is not an explosion of crime.

Pennsylvania: the right to abortion in danger?

Abortion is one of the issues in these midterm elections, since the Supreme Court leaves it up to the States to decide. Thus in Pennsylvania, another election is very important for his duel in the Senate between Doctor Oz and John Fetterman… but also for the election to the post of governor.

The worry for many women is that the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Doug Mastriano, one of the most extreme candidates, wins the election. He is against abortion, even in cases of incest rape or danger to the life of the mother.

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