48 hours later, it’s the drama…

Nunzia Citro, 33, is heartbroken. A few days ago, the 30-year-old from Scotland welcomed a puppy, Neo. But 48 hours after his arrival, the little shih-poo is not well and his health is deteriorating for no apparent reason.

Nunzia then has no other choice, she unfortunately has to have him euthanized. It was “the worst day of his entire life,” she shared. The 30-year-old is now “terrified at the thought of adopting a puppy again”.

The shih-poo cost Nunzia and her partner £600. The couple bought him from an online breeder in Ayrshire, Scotland. The young woman had then paid a deposit of 100 pounds and had agreed on a date to collect the puppy.

“This gentleman had his ad on a website and it looked like he could be trusted,” Nunzia said.

But at the last minute, the breeder changes plans and offers to meet Nunzia in the parking lot of a supermarket in Edinburgh, reports Edinburgh Live.

“On Thursday he told me he was going out in the evening to Livingston with friends and he could drop the puppy off, which saved me the hassle,” said the Scotswoman.

The man then brought the puppy in his car, accompanied by his wife and two children. The breeder had previously explained to Nunzia Citro not to vaccinate the puppies of his breeding. During their appointment, he explains to her that “the reason why he sold them without vaccinating them was that the owners sometimes had problems with the various veterinarians who made the vaccines”.

Nunzia wondered if it was a real reason but she trusted. She then gave the rest of the money in cash.

But once home, the dog’s behavior worries his new owner. Indeed, only 10 weeks old, he is very calm and inactive, he does not want to drink, eat or play. The 30-year-old then consults her veterinarian who reassures her by telling her that the dog is impacted by the stress of the move.

Nunzia Citro

But the next day, the living room was covered in vomit and diarrhea. So she took the little dog to an emergency doctor. The dog is found to be underweight, low in glucose and exhibiting abnormal behaviors.

“While we were at the clinic, the puppy went to the toilet and the stools were black with worms in it,” Nunzia explained. The veterinarian was then very worried about the animal’s chances of survival. Unfortunately, the next day, Nunzia Citro had to proceed with her euthanasia.


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