4 miniature dog breeds that will blow your mind

4 breeds of mini dogs that will make you die of tenderness – Source: Capture Facebook

When we talk about miniature dogs, we are not referring to a specific race, but to races. That is to say, we can classify the Maltese like a normal bichon, but there are also miniature bichons. Miniature because they do not exceed certain dimensions and specific weight which, depending on the breed, are usually 20 to 30% less than what the breed considers normal. So when we say “mini”, we mean the smallest possible size, but above that there is what is called “short”, then “medium” and finally “standard” or regular. How to explain these different sizes? This is actually selective breeding, and when breeders select dogs for breeding, they consider their size so that the litter of puppies will look the same and maintain those characteristics of moderate size and weight.

1. The Bichon Maltese:

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This is one of the most demanding, and in the normal version we are talking about dogs whose the weight does not exceed 5 kg and the height does not exceed 30 cm. In the mini version, these figures would be 3.5 kg and 20 cm, when adult and tall. They are very friendly, playful and funny dogs. Bichons were originally bred with poodles and mini spaniels to keep the breed small, but it wasn’t until 1988 that the American Kennel Club endorsed the Toy Bichon Standard. Besides the fact that this dog is smaller, it has a flatter nose, shorter legs, a more compact body and more fur.

2. Pomeranian Spitz:

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When we talk about a dog that has these characteristics, we call it a toy dog, a dwarf or a miniature dog. But one Pomeranian is it the same as a Spitz ? They are breeds of common ancestry, stemming from cattle herding, and even hunting in the German countryside.

the Spitz and the Pomeranian have a very similar color, their physical characteristics are almost identical and they keep almost the same character. However, one odd detail is that the breed has gone into significant decline over the past 100 years and almost all of these breeds are now very small in stature and no larger specimens are bred. He is a very active dog, always on his guard, who likes to lead teams and who can sometimes be irritable due to his dominant position.

3. Yorkshire terrier:

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Even without being called a “toy”, this breed is already very small. the yorkshire Where yorkies is a Scottish dog with a very active personality that protects his family and herd and seeks attention. Sometimes they bark because they want to mark their territory, not to prevent others from gaining access to it. Indeed, they do not want to lose their status and their privileges. the Yorkshire terrier is a leader in games and activities.
The Yorkshire Terriers can bark excessively, it is their mode of communication, but it is advisable to maintain adequate training to prevent the barking from becoming too persistent, especially in the miniature version.

4. Poodle:

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The miniature version of poodle must not measure more than 28 cm and weigh 4.5 kg. They are very relaxed dogs and have no behavioral issues, although they love to play and still have very curious personalities. Like most miniature dogs, they don’t like to be walked very much. Indeed, they want to walk, but never over long distances. This breed, like the Bichon Frize, is one of the few breeds that are 100% hypoallergenic and suitable for people with canine allergies. The poodles Dwarfs may bark, but it’s not a loud bark. Depending on their size, it’s a more or less loud sound that isn’t really distracting, but can get a bit repetitive because they like to communicate and that’s their way of doing it.

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