3 tips to save money while shopping at the supermarket

Every month, food shopping represents a very important part of a household’s expenses. The budget for the purchase of food is notably the highest just after that devoted to housing. To this end, knowing how to save on your shopping becomes imperative! The good news is that it is possible to save hundreds of euros, without depriving yourself or skimping on the quality of the products. Here are 3 simple tips that will allow you to reduce your expenses and save money!

Make a shopping list according to your budget

The first key to saving money at the supermarket is perfect control of your shopping budget. This way, you can make a list of what you will really need! Not only will a “to-do list” allow you to forget nothing, but it will also prevent you from compulsive purchases. Concretely, it serves as a guide in supermarkets and tells you what foods to buy and in what quantity.

With a list of commissions, you make big savings and less mess. By doing so, you optimize your shopping time and limit unnecessary expenses in supermarkets or grocery stores. This saves you in particular from making duplicate purchases, but also from falling for products! When shopping, all you have to do is pick up the listed items from the corresponding department! Again, it is recommended not to go shopping on an empty stomach in order to avoid compulsive shopping motivated by hunger. Indeed, you will end up buying very appetizing, but expensive and extremely calorie-dense foods.

Plan your weekly or monthly meals

To make an effective shopping list, you need to establish the menu for the week. This way, you will know exactly what ingredients are needed to prepare your meals. Beforehand, make sure you know exactly what you are going to eat in the days that follow. This is a simple and concrete way to calculate your projected costs. This reduces the chances of going over budget and also brings out your cooking skills! With a tight budget, choose to make a simple recipe (with 4 or 5 ingredients maximum). This is the key to saving money in the long run!

Concretely, writing a shopping list allows you to spend less and limit food waste. It prevents you from filling your shopping cart or your basket with useless products, which end up withering in the refrigerator or in the cupboard.

Shop healthy and affordable

To eat healthy and cheap, choose markets instead of supermarkets. Overall, local products will be much cheaper than those in supermarkets. They are also fresher and kinder to the planet! In addition to making great savings, you eat healthy. To find them at low prices, do not hesitate to go around the markets of your city.

To achieve significant savings, eat less meat, because it is an expensive food, and favor vegetables! As the goal is not to make you starve, buy the most nutritious foods (eggs, oats, bread, etc.), i.e. rich in nutrients (vitamins, minerals , fibers, etc.). A homemade omelette or quiche with fruit for dessert will meet dietary needs while reducing your grocery budget. Moreover, for information purposes, a vegetarian or a vegan spends a maximum of 20 euros only per week!

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