13 dogs looking for foster families

The APEBA (Association for Education in Animal Welfare) is looking for foster families to accommodate 13 dogs. The identifications and sterilizations of placed dogs will be financed from the association’s project. A person will be put on the street this Thursday, November 11, evicted from his accommodation. This man has 18 dogs

“These dogs are magnificent, very well educated, obedient, clean and the females all sterilized. Sociable with congeners. He did not breed uncontrollably but all these dogs were saved from squats in Saint-Denis, those at the bottom of the river and those to the Barachois bus station…”, explain the members of the association who met him yesterday.

“His stories are frightening. He asks for help and agrees to foster and adopt 13 of his dogs. They are small to medium sized, between 6 months and 3 years old, and very well educated. We urgently need to place these 13 Dogs in foster families before Thursday, November 11”, adds the association, which is also asking the town hall and the CCAS services to help it be relocated.

“He wants to keep 5 dogs to which he is very attached and for his safety too”

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